Meet the Volunteers

Meet the volunteers

Meet the faces behind our journey to cultivate sustainable and regenerative ecosystems. Discover their unique backgrounds, passions, and contributions to our mission of a sustainable future.

Permanent members – The Pigadians


Meet Jules

Jules is the founder and dreamer of Dio Pigadia. Coming from a background in academia, studying sociology and political philosophy, he came from the library not the land. Sitting at a desk with a computer he felt the need for the outdoors and left the office for the sea, teaching sailing lessons and repairing boats in France. Working in shipyards he learnt essential manual skills that would prove valuable in his future at the farm. He eventually set sail solo across the world exploring different places and new cultures. Feeling a responsibility and duty to the earth and guided by a desire to grow his roots, he dreamt up Dio Pigadia. The project focuses on an alternate way of living, and co-creating a better future together. The volunteers started to come by themselves, guided by a similar philosophy in the face of the ecological crisis. Dio Pigadia is a community-based ever-growing project. Education, ecology and living together are the key pillars we experience and share. If you can’t find Jules, he’ll be rummaging in the tip for up-cycled materials or conversing with the donkey — Vouno.

Stay: October 2018 — Present

Favourite activity on the farm: Dreaming about the future of the farm

Why did you come here? A mix of destiny, luck and love.

Favourite quote: “The tragic reality is that very few sustainable systems are designed by those who hold power, and the reason for this is obvious and simple: to let people arrange their own food, energy and shelter is to lose economic and political power over them. We should cease to look for power structures, hierarchical systems or governments to help us and devise ways to help ourselves.”- Bill Mollison


Meet James

James decided to make a pivot in his life, coming from France to Greece in search of community and a change of routine. From his multiple visits to Greece, he fell in love with the landscapes, language, people and most importantly- the food. Known as the “handy-man” he spends most of his time in the workshop working with his hands to create both functional and artistic objects. James consumes approximately 1.3 litres of coffee a day, and finds enjoyment in the simple pleasure of pairing a cup of coffee with a cigarette. Or 10.

Stay: October 2023 — Present

Favourite activity on the farm: Sharing group projects and creating things together

Why did you come here? Because I was interesting in how the community here functions. There was an appealing feel to it, its nice to be a part of something that is growing.

Favourite quote: “Wise words and gentle hands create nicest worlds”


Meet Vaso

Coming from the urban jungle of Kallithea, Greece, Vaso wanted change her lifestyle to be closer to nature and be apart of communal living. She strongly believes that the fast-paced modern living is not conducive to environmental or physical health. A desire to depart from that lifestyle brought her to Dio Pigadia. With her Master degree in Global Environmental change, Vaso wants to live harmoniously with nature and takes every step towards sustainable living. She loves any kind of movement and practices pole dancing whenever she gets the chance. Her love of animals draws her to the horse and donkey pen, taking them out for a walk every day. If you can’t find Vaso she’ll be chasing after her cheeky dog — Darma.

Stay: November 2023 — Present

Favourite activity on the farm: Taking the horse and donkey on a walk and gardening

Why did you come here? It’s always been my dream to be close to nature and connected to the land living a communal lifestyle.

Favourite quote: “Be the good you want to see in the world”



Meet Sasha

With a background in ecology, Sasha came from Chicago, United States with the aim to learn how biology, community and food come together through permaculture. She puts importance on knowing where food comes from, and sharing the knowledge with multiple communities that can make everlasting change in the world.

By bringing science to the farming community, we can look at how biology impacts the future of humanity. You can find Sasha in the kitchen making some banging pita bread, or running around organising jars.

Stay: September 2023 — November 2023

Favourite activity on the farm: Harvesting in the gardens

Why did you come here? To explore how we can create balance between humans and nature

Favourite quote: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothings gonna get better. It’s not.” — Dr Seuss


Meet Katherine

With a background in psychology, Katherine aims to learn from the land and bring the two disciplines together. Coming from Massachusetts, United States, she came to Dio Pigadia to connect with nature. On the farm, she can be found cuddling her favourite cat Temu, and growing plants in the green house.

Stay: September 2023 — November 2023

Favourite activity on the farm: Planting seeds

Why did you come here? To be more in-touch with the land

Favourite quote: “The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed” – Gandhi


Meet Michail

Michail came from Northern Greece to Dio Pigadia to connect with nature and create a more peaceful and simple life. He aims to cultivate social change and spread awareness around a lifestyle more connected to the eco-system that we’re all apart of. If you ever need to find a crystal to match your energy — find Michail.

Stay: September 2023 — November 2023

Favourite activity on the farm: Gardening

Why did you come here? Because 🙂

Favourite quote: “Moving fast is moving slow. Moving slow is moving fast”


Meet Clément

Clément came from Southern Paris searching for his first WWOOFing experience. For his first extended travel trip, he chose to come to Greece to discover the culture and history. And partly because you can still swim in November 😉 He discovered his love for olive picking at Dio Pigadia, thriving on the communal spirit and team effort. As one of the longest standing olive harvesting volunteers, he enjoys helping the community and working with the neighbours in nearby olive plots. Every day looks different on the farm for Clément, and he loves working with his hands or winding down with some sudoku.

Stay: September 2023 — November 2023

Favourite activity on the farm: Olive picking

Why did you come here? To experience WWOOFing, meeting great people and to make great memories

Favourite quote: “All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us” — Gandalf


Meet Manon

Manon decided to depart from her life as a French and English teacher in Northern Paris, and come Greece to explore the history, food and people. Her love of teaching transformed into a love of using her hands and working manually with the soil. She thrives in a tight knit community, spending quality time and exchanging knowledge, skills and culture. Her love of animals is strong and she can always be found with a cat on her lap. If she’s not cuddling the cat Causette, she’s meowing back in conversation with her.

Stay: September 2023 — November 2023

Favourite activity on the farm: Spending time in the garden (even weeding is satisfying)

Why did you come here? To find community in Greece while working with animals and gardening.

Favourite quote: “Vouloir bien est mon culte”


Meet Camille

After graduating from Engineering and Environmental Sciences in France, Camille decided to celebrate by going to Greece and putting her knowledge to work on a farm. As an experienced WWOOFer, Dio Pigadia is her longest stay yet. Looking to find her life’s purpose she was drawn to a community focused on sustainable living in harmony with the environment. She uses her time at Dio Pigadia to learn, reflect and share her skills with others. She believes in slow travel and loves dedicating her weekends to exploring the area and learning more about Greece. If you go anywhere with Camille prepare to walk fast and see if you can catch up!

Stay: October 2023 — December 2023

Favourite activity on the farm: Working on the garden and processing the vegetables

Why did you come here? To discover Greece, community life and to apply new skills and new knowledge about gardening and how to be more autonomous.

Favourite quote: “I intend to forever keep this capacity to marvel and to revel, the two breasts of humanism”

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What others think about us

  • Avatar Didi Stoepman ★★★★★ a week ago
    I spent 3 days as volunteer at Dio Pigadia and it was a memorable experience! It’s amazing how the community runs the farm, educate the newcomers and are … More able to sustain the landscape and all its beauty products in such a nurturing way. The people on the farm are super warm and welcoming, the space is clean, the homemade meals are amazing and everybody is kind in educating about how the farm is operating. Can’t wait to come back!
  • Avatar Soizic Brun ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Amazing place where you can explore sustainable practices including composting, mulching, wood work, lacto-fermentation, low-technologies... in an interacting … More community. Jules is very willing to share his knowledge with you and explore shared governance. Don't miss this opportunity to live an off-grid experience.
  • Avatar We learn as we wander ★★★★★ a year ago
    My daughter and I only wanted to visit Dio Pigadia for one afternoon but we ended up staying three weeks. It was a truly great experience for us and we … More both enjoyed taking care of the animals, gardens and veggies on the farm and fell in love with this little paradise. We ate daily together with the other volunteers amazing fresh meals with very tasty vegetables from the garden, helped out at a beach clean up event and even went sailing together.
    Saying goodbye was a hard one here but we both know for sure we want to come back, so it's only bye for now and thank you for everything Jules.
    Lia, Jenny and Tito
  • Avatar Soffi Sandkühler ★★★★★ a month ago
    A wonderful farm with wonderful people.
    The vision of the place and the way that they think realistically about permaculture and self sustainability is
    … More inspiring!
    So if you get the chance to go there you should definitely go and enjoy your visit there!
    The area is amazing and the olives trees in combination with the wild see is a dream come true 🤩
  • Avatar Menno ★★★★★ a week ago
    Joke and I had a holiday on the Pelopenesos. We stayed in Pylos and did some hiking and visiting archeological sites. Since our daughter and son in-law … More have a biodynamic vegetable farm in the Netherlands we googled on bio-farm. We had a hit for Dio Pigadia Farm. Perma-culture was the key word here. Since we know something about the filosofie of permaculture we made contact with Jules. We visited the place for a few hours. Warmly welcomed we had a tour around the property with a lot of information and explanation. A really inspiring place where you can really dive into sustainable living in every aspect. Great respect for the people there, who have founded a nucleus with great potency and expectation. Good luck and thank you for your dedication.
    Joke and Menno
  • Avatar Yarden Haik ★★★★★ a month ago
    We’ve stayed for a week in dio pigadia with my family as active guests. Our stay was beyond expectations. Stunning and comfortable place while it brings … More you back to basics. Thanks to the amazing staff and volunteers, we very fast felt part of the community. We highly recommend for a special experience in Peloponnese. All the family will take away something and reconnect with the essential laws of nature.
  • Avatar Yiaei Kasenda ★★★★★ a month ago
    Thank you Jules, Vaso and all the team for your warm welcome! We wish we could have stayed langer. What you people built up there in these few years is … More really amazing and impressively important. Good luck with everything that is yet to come! Can't wait to come back next year :) see you soon!
  • Avatar Willow Horsfall-Munden ★★★★★ a month ago
    An amazing experience with amazing people. We stayed for 2 months, we learnt so much, a place of sharing, enjoyment and caring. Living on the farm, in … More the olive trees, under the sun!
  • Avatar Marjal Sykora ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Dio Pigadia is a very beautiful place between olive trees. The month we was there was the best time of our trip through Greece and south europe. Jules … More is very friendly and he work at this project with all his possibilities and love. Also it was nice to known all the nice people and this way of life. I can tell recommend to go to this place and this people and see how life can work in a good way.
    Thanks for this experience Jules
    P. S. you should try the comfortable compost toilet ;) it's perfect.
  • Avatar gil jarus ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Such a lovely place! We stayed for three nights and felt home, the atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming, we were invited to help ourselves with everything … More the farm yields - vegetables, greens and eggs. the volunteers were friendly, and Jules hosted us so nicely, he showed us around the farm and kindly explained about the ways he operate the farm and the permaculture approach, he gave us so much knowledge with such a big smile, it was a pleasure!