Andi´s bread

Andi´s bread

Course: Recipes

Bread recipe from the dough master Andrea. She has been be doing bread for 5 years.
The recipe is for 1,5 kg dough.

Ingredients (Given in normal coffe cups 250ml)

  • 885g wheat flour – 4,5 cups

  • 570g water (with some yeast water if you dont use sourdough-starter) – 1,5 cups

  • 30g sourdough-starter (active) – 1 table spoon

  • 20g salt – 1 table spoon


  • 24h before baking :
    Mix everything.
    Knead it 2 times : 1st after 2hours and 2nd around 12h before baking
  • Bake it at 230-250°c
    Take it out when the colour and the consistency is good. To check : dip a knife and verify that it is not wet.


  • Do not add more flour too late. The consistence of the dough has to be as you want it after you finish mixing the ingredients !
  • NB : if you are using sourdough for your bread the norm is to put 20% of the flour´s weight. Use the sourdough when it is fermented, feed it after.