Whole grain pasta with roasted pepper pesto & feta

Another fast, easy and tasty recipe where we can use our beautiful peppers. The combination of our full of vitamins peppers with the high nutritional value of the whole grain pasta, makes this recipe a healthy choice that anyone would love!

Whole grain tart with peppers, yogurt & cheese

From the moment I realised how easy to make tarts are, I haven’t stopped creating any kind of tart possible. Salty or Sweet, with butter or olive oil, they have become my favorite food to cook. They are fast and efficient as you can put any kind of filling and they can keep you full for a long time!

Stuffed peppers with feta cheese grilled in the oven (my favorite)

Our Lovely Peppers and how to eat them

This plate can be served as an appetizer, as a side dish with meat or with rice/potatoes for the vegetarians. In Dio pigadia we serve it mostly with some rice, a fresh cut salad and maybe some other grilled vegetables like eggplants from our garden. The recipe is so easy and fast, that it can save you in situations that you have some unexpected visitors or sudden craving for a salty and healthy snack.