Mathéo : king of sourdough

How to make and take care of a sourdough

Course: Recipes, breadCuisine: BakerDifficulty: Medium

These guidlines are a mix of Annie´s recipe and mathéo experience of taking care of dio pigadia´s sourdough.


  • First day
  • 50 gr of whole wheat flour

  • 50 ml filtered water

  • Second day
  • 100 gr whole wheat flour

  • 100 ml filtered water

  • 1 heaped tsp of organic honey

  • Third day
  • 200 gr of whole wheat flour

  • 200 ml filtered water


  • Mix the ingredients together in a big pot following each day ingredients. After the third day (and 12hrs after the last ingredients are added), you should see bubbles starting to form and see the level of the sourdough elevate a little.
  • Now that the fermentation is ready, you need to give food to your sourdough everytime you take some or, every third day. The amount of food (flour and water), depends on the weight of the actual sourdough you got.

    So, if the total weight is 100g (remove the weight of the pot, that you previously weighted) ; the weight of the water should be 25% so 25g and the same thing for the flour, so 25g.

    In total, you always feed 50% of the total weight. You do the same thing for the next feeding days.
  • You can mix the ingredients before mixing them in the jar to make sure that it is homogeneous. WhatsApp Image at ()


  • When there is bubbles and the level of the sourdough elevate, it means that the fermentation is going well. It normally elevates 2 to 3 times its initial volume (put an elastic around the jar to know how much it goes up).
  • Always use really clean bottles (sterilized) and tools. Use glass container and not plastic. Use non-chlorine water. Use organic whole wheat flour. Use organic honey.
  • Be consistent on the feeding days, more the room is hot and sunny, faster is the fermentation. If you want to slow it, put it in the fridge. Under 6C the good bacterias are killed. If your sourdough is in a room temperature environment (15 to 25C) you need to feed it every three days, more or so. If you keep it in the fridge for slowing down the fermentation, feed it every week, more or so.
  • Be precised about the quantities of the ingredients you put in the sourdough, it can infuence the fermentation.
  • If there is no more bubbles, the smell changes, there is a possibility that the sourdough is dead, then you need to throw everything.